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Big Time Rush: The Debut Album!!!

Posted by Joe on October 11, 2010 at 3:38 AM Comments comments (0)

I would like to say congratulations to James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena, & Logan Henderson, aka my favorite band, Big Time Rush on the release of their debut album "BTR"! The album features eleven songs mixed from the hit TV show "Big Time Rush" as well as original music heard exclusively on the album. The album represents the band in an upbeat, pop, rock, and R & B way. From the party sounds of “City Is Ours”, “Big Night”, & “Oh Yeah” to the upbeat, love songs of “Worldwide” & “Nothing Even Matters”, there’s not a single bad song on the album. I would recommend going on iTunes or to a store a purchasing this CD, these are four extremely talented individuals who deserve your support and they won't disappoint.

Here's a review of their TV show, "Big Time Rush", that I wrote for the website

A Big Time Hit

Big Time Rush is centered around four best friends from Minnesota, Kendall, Logan, James, and Carlos. The four are brought to Hollywood and signed by Record Producer Gustavo Rocque.


The chemistry between all the actors is awesome. You can tell they feed off each other's energy. Kendall is someone who really doesn't want to be famous, but is the clear "leader" of the band. James has dreamed of being famous and is obsessed with his looks to impress the girls. Logan is the smartest one of the group and always has ideas to get them out of trouble. Then there is Carlos, who is the goofiest one of them all, he is always has his helmet on and is ready to fight to defend his friends. I'm a guy and I'm 19 years old, and I enjoy watching this show. It reminds me of a younger version of "Entourage" (another one of my favorite shows). Not only do I think the show is funny, but the real life band Big Time Rush has pretty good music. I would definitely recommend giving this show a shot. No matter what your age is, I think you will find this show funny and enjoyable, and the music and sound effects help make the show more fun.


Find out more about Big Time Rush at or

Jane Lynch hosts Saturday Night Live!

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First off, Happy 10/10/10!!! 10 is my favorite number so today is EPIC!


One of my favorite comedians hosted Saturday Night Live last night (10/9/10), the always funny JANE LYNCH! She did a great job, personally I thought every bit was hilarious. Enjoy some of the clips below!

Opening Monologue


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Gilly on Glee

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Sunday Night Football

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Combining Two Great Things

Posted by Joe on September 23, 2010 at 7:18 PM Comments comments (0)

My favorite TV show has got to be The Big Bang Theory (Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS) and my favorite late-night comedian is Craig Ferguson (Weeknights at 12:37am/11:37pm c). Last night the guys of The Big Bang Theory were on with Craig and it was AWESOME! Check out the video of the opening below:

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Big Time Concert!

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I know I got a lot of Big Time Rush fans that follow me on Twitter and visit this website sometimes...THANK YOU! So I figured why not post a review blog about the Big Time Rush special "Big Time Concert" which made it's debut on Friday night (8/20/10)! We even got it to be a top trending topic on Twitter, in several cities, 2 countries, & WORLDWIDE! How awesome is that?!? Anyways here I go with my favorite parts of Big Time Concert!

Favorite Parts:
 - How about every single superhero that Carlos was throughout, my favorite, METEOR MAN! LOL! And let's not forget: "EL HOMBRE FLAMING SPACEROCK MAN, & SUMERHERO THAT HAS YET TO BE NAMED!'  
 - James: "I don't know about you, but I like living!", James rocked in this episode! Great to see a different side of his character in the show!
 - Kendall & Jo's kiss was a long time in the making...been waiting for that to happen! He's a lucky guy ;)
 - The ending concert scene when the camera switched back and forth between the characters concert and the guy's real life concert in Times Square!
 - James with a Z! Haha- "Jamez"!
 - Sebastian- need I say more? Who doesn't want there own Sebastian?! I'll take a Sebastian!
 -  THE TURD SONG! Seriously, who doesn't love The Turd Song?! So happy they brought that back for this episode!

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 - Carlos: "I thought it was kind of fun!" Logan: "That's just your concussion talking."
 - At the end, "And the musical journey continues..." such a cool way to end the season the way it started!

Changes I Would Make:

 - I think it should have been longer, I would have liked to see more fighting between Hawk & Gustavo, and Kelly & Hawk's assistant. It just seemed a bit rushed in the last 10 minutes.
 - I would've also liked to see a little more of a fight between the guys after the band got broken up.
 - Other than that, my new favorite Big Time Rush episode!

Here is a preview to Big Time Rush's new song "Someday". It ROCKS!

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- Also would like to give a shoutout to Carlos Pena from Big Time Rush, he replied to me on Twitter! Which is awesome because he don't reply to many fans! And I took a BTR personality quiz, turns out me and Carlos are exactly alike (in real life, not the TV show), isn't that AWESOME?!

So my fellow Big Time Rush fans, what did you think? Comment below, Hit me up on Twitter (@JoeCage) or Facebook (Joey Cage).
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